2014+ BMW S1000R IAT Relocation Kit


2014+ BMW S1000R IAT Relocation Kit


BT Moto Intake Air Temp (IAT) relocation kit. Do you ever notice how fast your bike is first thing in the morning? Always itching to get that power throughout the rest of the day? Our IAT relocation kit can help you with this! This kit is plug and play and allows the bike to keep the power it deserves and does not heat soak.



Our popular IAT relocation kit, originally developed for the S1000RR, works flawlessly in modern K/R/GS Bikes as well! This actually makes a bigger difference than it does on the RR due to the compensation tables on these bikes!This relocates the Intake Air Temp (IAT) sensor. Moving the sensor from the factory location near the cylinder heads and moving to the front of the bike away from the hot engine provides consistent power production. Commonly used in race bike applications and how Ducati's come from the factory, not a "trick" like other options on the market with a resistor, this lets the bike read true ambient air temperature. Allows for more accurate fueling and ignition without inaccurate compensation tables intervening. Perfect for our street riders or drag racers, no downside has been found with this modification. Customers and in house testing has shown small, few HP gains in the mid range, but not what this was originally designed for. Very noticeable when riding in moderate to hot climates or for those who get stuck in traffic/staging lanes. A must have! A no-brainer entry level modification that makes a noticeable difference in driving and consistency of the bike.Below are dyno results on a bone stock 2016 BMW S1000RR at different IAT temperatures found on the road.  Check out the power loss the bike has at difference heatsoaked temperatures. Don't lose any horsepower!



S1000RR Install Video From Our Friend 650ib!


S1000XR Installation Video

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