About Us


  • Derived from a successful performance and engineering automotive shop, part of the team ventured to a new and exciting venture of “Moto”, with motorcycle solutions being our sole focus. After extensive market research, we felt there was a hole in the sector and systematically decided to tackle it, one model at a time. We’re a global automotive engineering firm in a 10,000 sq ft, state-of-the-art facility with some of the best software engineers in the US and Europe calling it home. When it comes to motorcycle software, we have mastered hundreds of engine management systems. We have multiple engine and chassis dynos and the resources necessary to create our upgrades in-house, from the ground up with an emphasis on compliance on and off the track. We’re not a new company either, we’ve been established since 2006 and we have a strong team of sales, service and dealer network to compliment our product line. Come see why 20,000 bikes, 30,000 customers and 600,000 YouTube subscribers choose us over the competition!


  • We at BT Moto strive for excellence and perfection. Our product line includes hardware and software solutions which were developed through years of product testing, engineering, and racing experience. Previously dealing with “piggybacks” in other makes and models, we acquired in 2010 BMW S1000RR at its release. From there we started reverse engineering the ECU and carefully crafting the world’s first tuning solution for the platform. Once our intentions were publicly known via forums and social media, we were approached by race-bred engineers and racers who allowed us to spend endless days and nights working on perfecting the platform. Finding what works and what doesn’t was a tedious process but the end product was nothing short of ground breaking. What others said “wasn’t doable” is now widely accepted as fact and our solutions have been proven to set records, win races and keep our customers in the front of the pack, for over a decade. With strategic racing partnerships and our two in-house dynamometers, we have the data and tools to develop fully custom solutions, from scratch, with quantifiable differences. 
  • Being the premier ECU calibration solution for over a decade has allowed us to work directly with many leading manufacturers, racers, and OEM counterparts to ensure the best knowledge and performance. The fruits of this knowledge extend directly to our clients with every flash. We have been in this business for over 14 years with the same employees, working tirelessly to develop new and cutting edge products. Our extensive knowledge-base of engines, OEM contacts from our racing career, and access to world renown race partners gives us a competitive edge that others can’t replicate. Every year our products get better and our team gets stronger, more strategic relationships are formed and more ideas are brought to the table, separating us further from the competition. By strategically aligning with people and companies who share the same passion and goals as us, we are able to help push the performance community further into the future. From a 1 man operation in 2010, we have grown beyond our own dreams and now support over 100 BT Moto dealers in 25 different countries, factory backed race riders, and closing in on 1 Million subscribers across our social media platforms including over 600,000 people subscribed to our fast growing YouTube channel. Our business is fine tuned to bring you the solutions you are looking for worldwide.


  • On average, our upgrades have been fully tested for the better part of a year prior to a public release. This includes summer and winter weather testing on multiple continents, high and low altitude testing, extensive track testing at multiple road courses, extensive drag strip testing and extensive street and daily driving testing. BT Moto test projects are fully instrumented with multiple sensors, dataloggers, dynos, race tracks, and real world applications before beta testing even starts. BT Moto test bikes have seen over 300 HP 1000cc in various configurations finding the limits of engines, stock engine internals and have set multiple world records, including 7 second BMW quarter mile passes, 235+MPH street bikes and mid 2 second 60-130mph with OEM reliability.  After straight line racing and engine durability was reached, we worked with road course racers in MotoAmerica and amateur racing to learn new and different strategies to allow the bikes to go faster on the ABS, DDC, TCS side of electronics outside of the engine.
  • Lastly, we have a separate responsibility to the environment and the future of motorsports. We send all of our street tuning flash we send out all of our finalized products to independent testing facilitates in California to read before and after independent dyno testing, emissions tailpipe testing through drive cycles and durability testing to acquire a CARB 50 state EO certification. 


  • Unlike most 1 man tuning shops, we have a full dedicated staff of computer software engineers and programmers which gives us the ability to write our own proprietary code and solutions. We have a database of files, tools, and solutions not available commercially to other tuners or public databases that is updated daily. Because of this, we are able to develop our own software in house and be up to date with the latest and greatest software versions and control units, putting us way ahead of the competition. 
  • Information is power, with access and full disassembly of the factory engines and computers we are able to make proper detailed mapping quickly to get the best out of these engines without guessing. Our extensive diagnostic and datalogging equipment allows us to test these engines, early access to bikes and information make our products first to be completed on the market in final form. We do third party testing with our west coast R&D facility. All of our final products are independently verified including HP gains, acceleration numbers and track times before any sort of release.
  • Many of our competitors are stuck using 3rd party editors or a ghost tuning company to make their pre-made maps from an unknown source with little to no R&D involved. This sort of business model has diluted our once independent R&D hungry industry with copy cats and others looking to make a cheap buck by mimicking companies who actually put in the work.  Make sure you hold other tuners you are considering accountable; ask questions, require proof, buy once - cry once!
  • We will always do things the hard, and correct way when it comes to calibrating motorcycle and put customer service at the forefront! Our goal is to design the ideal solution for the performance focused customer. Enhancing the day to day operation of your motorcycle, while still maintaining the reliability you’ve come to expect from your motorcycle.


  • When we started getting busy in 2010, being a one man operation became unfeasible. A single person doing shipping, receiving, service, support, etc, while focusing on the original objective (new tuning and features) becomes impossible. This is why it was so important to build a comprehensive team at BT Moto to support this. Our sales and support staff know the products front to back, as well as our engineers. Allowing us to quickly get you the answers you need via email or phone, most of the time same day. In addition, we have dedicated team members working directly with dealers to allow for a seamless dealership experience. We pride ourselves on same day replies, although you should always expect a response within 24-48 hours M-F.
  • Two of the major things that separate us from our competitors is having real, trained in-house engineers and software developers, along with physically owning, wrenching on and developing solutions for your motorcycle. Until we complete our full gamut of stress testing in-house and with beta testers, we do not release the product to be “first” or “cheapest” to market. This gives us in-depth knowledge of strengths, weaknesses, troubleshooting, and upgrade paths for each platform with first hand in-person knowledge. Our vast dealer network, beta tester network, and amateur to professional level racers provide us with information to solve any issue our in-house engineers didn’t get to test in trial runs. When purchasing from us, one can be certain of a powerful, safe, and feature filled product with fully backed race testing prior to release.
  • Our in-depth development allows us to offer more power, more features, more solutions, along with a better understanding of your bike than any other company can offer, a GUARANTEED process! New to tuning and feel intimidated? We are the only company with verifiable 50 state legal options (D-868-x) and government level emissions and independent performance testing (where our product and dyno results have to match the website marketing is 3rd party verified). 

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We offer a 30 day money back no questions asked return policy on our ecu tuning products, and a limited ECU replacement policy in case of issue caused by our product. We have you covered in event of issues guaranteed!