(23-24) BMW M1000RR (K66) Stage 1+ Performance Calibration With Handheld Tuner


(23-24) BMW M1000RR (K66) Stage 1+ Performance Calibration With Handheld Tuner


Unlock Your M1000RR's True Potential

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The best new motorcycle on the market! US and European model 1000RR's have been restricted from the factory with the US models having worse restrictions than its European counterpart. Using the same motor as the 2023 S1000RR but with even worse software, the M1000RR is more potent on the top end when tuned! Stage 1 was developed to remove these restrictions and unlock your M1000RR’s full potential, the difference on the 23-24 with our flash is the most astonishing out of any BMW to date - a must have.


We are obsessed with BMW motorcycles and it shows. Racers at the circuit tracks, the drag strips or even a commuter will appreciate the changes our Stage 1 tune brings. Thoroughly tested in all aspects by track racers, drag racers or just the casual street rider wanting a more exciting bike to ride, our Stage 1 makes the bike how it should have came from the factory, and then some. We purchase the motorcycles and fully disassemble, diagnosis, datalog and test for every aspects of increase performance and drivability while keeping fuel economy, emissions, and engine reliability at stock or better levels! Our growing YouTube Channel has highlighted a lot of these changes! We have kept these bikes in our personal fleet since 2010, innovating new features and working on feature requests along the way. The customer benefits from this process tremendously as things that bother the customer get brought to the forefront and fixed making for a more enjoyable riding experience. No one has more thorough research, into making these bikes more enjoyable than us, with a money back guarantee. Be sure to reference our in house youtube reviews and testing for before and after horsepower on horrible California 91 octane, before and after acceleration testing and drivability quirk fixes that we complete with a third party on all bikes. As a final sticking point, we send out all our calibrations to be tested by CARB for government emissions compliance and third party verification of before and after horsepower along with tailpipe emissions to get a certified EO number to be sold in California - 50 state legal - as the California year round riding and bike market is huge!


Drag racers have all the capability to de-restrict throttle, traction, and torque management to put all the power to the ground while managing wheel up behavior, allowing you to put the power down gear after gear without limitations. Because of our extensive factory ECU understanding and 100's of engine channels we've datalogged, we are able to adjust the motor far better then the competition who simply flatten fuel and and advance ignition spark blindly like in the 1990's. We are uniquely setup to use the tools granted to us with the factory ECU to activate custom code like full-time closed loop which utilizes factory sensors to "auto tune" the motorcycle at every throttle position without custom dyno mapping needed, adjust SOI (injector phase), rewrite spark maps per octane and address hidden torque maps to make sure the engine never holds back horsepower while not putting it outside its safety window. We also address additional safety functions to keep the engine alive in extreme environments beyond factory tolerances. We test best and worst possible fuels and optimize all of them to the best of our abilities. Years of experience have helped us squeeze every bit of power from the bike, while keeping it reliable and consistent. Be careful with others claiming more power as there is a delicate balance, forced ignition advance, deleted knock control, and lean air fuels are a short way to an expensive repair for 2HP gains.


Track racers can enjoy modified TC (traction control) settings, wheelie management, adjustments for different tire sizes, smoother throttle transitions/tip-in, consistent and predicable power. All this comes together to make sure you start and finish a turn to the best of the bikes capability. Working directly with MotoAmerica racers and regularly datalogging all of the fastest stock ECU BMW S1000RR riders has opened a window and drastically improved our mapping and knowledge-base to better help our customers perform properly on the track keeping you ahead of the pack.


For the casual rider, de-restricting the bike is the biggest advantage of our tuning. This makes the bike a blast to ride and gives the rider smile inducing power from simple modifications. Making sure the throttle is smooth when cruising and power brutal when you need it to be is important for all liter bike owners. Stop and go traffic or canyon carvings on the weekends is where we put our development bikes to the test as they need to ride in low speed situations as good as they work on the airstrip at wide open throttle. Hundreds of hours and miles go into our tuning and testing among several bikes, fuels and test riders before we ever release our product. We want to present the best product on the market while leading the pack in customer satisfaction. No one tests like we do!


  • De-restricted Throttle +50hp gains in the midrange, and +10-15whp over the curve!
  • De-restricted Exhaust Valve and intake flappers, open to 100% in certain riding scenarios for best sound and performance
  • Throttle response increased 12% in every race pro 1-3 mode to reach a target of 100% throttle. Road mode de-sensitized for highway cruise, normally jerky
  • Cruise control jerkiness adjusted for highway cruising tip in and out.
  • Worse then the S1000RR restriction! The M1000RR has a top end Torque limiter of 74% raised now to 100% free top end horsepower, 200whp on a stock bike. (a BT Moto exclusive!) 170mph limiter (due to torque limit) removed will go 188mph GPS on stock sprockets. 
  • Better Fueling, cleaned up for maximum fueling economy and horsepower gains
  • Second and third gear transmission limiter removed
  • Enhanced and restructured hard cut rev-limiter
  • Mapping available for different modification combos
  • Heat Management through better fueling, and lower cooling fan strategy
  • A second off your 60-130mph time!


  • THROTTLE RESTRICTION / TORQUE / GEAR LIMITATIONS - Giving you the ability to utilize 100% of the throttle is paramount in track situations where you need all the power you can get on demand. The factory file has "dead spots" that may cause the M1000RR to behave in an unpredictable manner when corner exiting. This also means any kind of straight line acceleration also suffers. We remove these factory restrictions to ensure a smooth and predicable throttle, all the way to redline. It's like getting a new engine, all over again! On the 2023 its very difficult to do this. Only BT Moto has figured out how to "fully" de-restrict the 2023, through torque limits to achieve max power and 100%.  The competition still is getting limited. With the torque limiter in place the bike is slower then the 2010 BMW S1000RR!
  • EXHAUST VALVE / INTAKE FLAP - The exhaust valve is a double edged sword. It does good by making back pressure when needed but also hinders the 2023 M1000RR from making the most power possible at mid to upper RPM ranges. The valve closed makes the bike a lot more quiet than if it were open, even slip-on exhaust sounds almost the same as stock due to this valve closing so much. Opening this valve for racing use allows for some horsepower gains, as they are gear and RPM dependent, just like the butterfly valves for the throttle. Lower gears have a smaller valve opening which will reduce overall volume and power by 3-5HP, even in lower RPM’s. Our mapping still utilizes the stock exhaust valve to give you maximum power but also opens it up when you need it most.
  • FUELING - The 2023 BMW M1000RR fueling is rich for worldwide environment (desert) and longevity purposes but it's overkill. It is also set artificially lean at idle, cruise, and warm up, which results in stalling and cold/hot start issues. The new M1000RR is factory equipped with 5-wire widebands (just like the 2020+ S1000RR) and is very precise on targeting a specific AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio) through a closed loop corrective system from idle to redline. Being factory rich also helps it cool the turtleshell exhaust system. However, fuel can be trimmed for better result as it targets real time fuel corrections.
  • HEAT MANAGEMENT - Lets face it, this bike rides a little on the hot side. Due to the new exhaust system and idle/cruise AFR mixtures the bike is a recipe to being constantly in the 215+F range and burning your legs while you ride, making it uncomfortable anywhere you’re not going 50+MPH. We have solved this issue by adding our low fan temp modification to this flash as a standard baseline feature along with different cruise mapping which has curbed temps extensively.

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M1000RR 60-130


M1000RR 100-150MPH

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Dyno Testing

Dyno Testing

Stock 2023 BMW M1000RR vs BT Moto Stage 1 (5th Gear)

Peak gains of 10WHP with a couple more torque is great, but that's not the whole story here. Up top, the stock tuning rolls off as the bike gets to the "soft" limiter. In the midrange there's more than 10WHP gained. For 2023 the midrange restriction in 5th gear is new and we also see this on the 2023 S1000RR. Fueling has also been resolved with our full-time closed loop tuning feature.



M1000RR 5th Gear

Stock 2023 BMW M1000RR vs BT Moto Stage 1 (2nd Gear)

The dreaded second gear flat spot still comes with the 2023 M1000RR. Our Stage 1 flash gains 50WHP in the midrange! Anyone that has spent time with this bike stock knows how horrible the bike feels in this range. Our flashing fixes this and adds power throughout the entire RPM range. Gears 2-5 all have restrictions with the 2023 M1000RR. Our flashing removes these restrictions and smooths entire RPM band, making the bike more consistent and more predictable. Up top you can really see the soft limiter falling off to redline. This is another issue we resolve with our flash.



M1000RR 2nd Gear



This was done in 2nd gear to show power differences and restrictions still on the bike after BMW applies the "torque optimization" map. While you do gain about 11whp in the midrange where the bike really needs help, you also lose A LOT of power up top. That's the tradeoff with the BMW torque map.

RED = TUNED second gear with 91 Pump Gas  - 193WHP 83WTQ

BLUE = STOCK second gear with 91 Pump Gas - 170WHP 83WTQ




This was done in 5th gear to show power differences and restrictions still on the bike after BMW applies the "torque optimization" map. The midrange in 5th suffers no restrictions that we can find. Even shows one more wheel torque (run to run variance). Just like second gear, to give you that power back in the midrange, they have to take away from the top end, pulling more than 30whp (at redline) away from the bike.

RED = STOCK fifth gear with 91 Pump Gas  - 177WHP88WTQ

BLUE = TUNED fifth gear with 91 Pump Gas - 200WHP87WTQ

BMW Torque Map 5th Gear

**All runs performed same day, back to back on an independent DynoJet on a completely stock 2023 BMW M1000RR**

**Testing performed with California ACN 91 octane pump gas. Usage of a lower octane will yield smaller power gains. Higher octane larger gains**



Custom tuning at your finger tips on your schedule.  Read and write your own motorcycles ECU from the comfort of your home. No need to bring your bike to a shop, our easy to use handheld can be used in your spare time with quick turn around. You now have a virtual custom personal tuner at your finger tips. Thoroughly tested by our own engineers, not just for its function but also durability, our easy to use handheld is just what you'll need to help get the most from your motorcycle!  


  • NO DOWNTIME - No need to send in your ECU or remove it from your bike at all.  You order the handheld, it get's delivered to you nearly instantly, and you flash your bike on your time easily.  You never miss a day of riding and no effort removing the ECU. Any issues, you can revert back to the full stock state.
  • READ AND CLEAR CHECK ENGINE LIGHTS - Full code reading diagnostics included in the device.
  • STORE MULTIPLE MAPS - When you send in your ECU, you only get one map.  You might be thinking, "why would I need more than one map?".  Storing multiple maps means you're able to flash for different configurations.  If you're a serious track competitor, we can work with you to get you different mapping for different tracks.  If, for example, you're add modifications to your stock bike, we can email you a file that takes the new exhaust into account with the changes you need to optimize your bike's new modifications with no mailing needed.
  • GO BACK TO STOCK ANYTIME - Not only can you store multiple files, you can also flash the original, stock file back into the bike at any time and for any reason for service, sales, and more.
  • ABILITY TO TUNE FUTURE BIKES - Customers swap bikes all the time! With our handheld tuner, you are able to put the first bike back to stock, then reset the device and use the same device on your next bike, with a simple and low cost transfer fee.
  • ANY ISSUES? We can resolve nearly anything remotely really quick with our engineering staff.


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Device Reset FAQ and How-To PDF
BT Moto Handheld Instructions

FAQ - Product Question

  • No and Yes.The BT Moto handheld tuner is VIN locked to the first motorcycle it flashes.This means any other motorcycle cannot use the handheld tuner. HOWEVER, should you decide to put the motorcycle back to the stock mapping, you're able to unpair it.The only way to use the BT Moto handheld tuner on another motorcycle is to unpair it from the first motorcycle.

  • 1) Plug the "My Genius" device into your computer

    2) Open our Flasher+/My Genius client software on your computer

    3) Click "Info" on our software

    4) On the bottom of that page it'll say last file written to ECU

    5) "Ori" means original (stock file)

    6) Mod files will be labeled and will correspond with what is shown in the "notes" section of each mod file drop down

  • The BT Moto handheld tuner stores multiple maps that you can change at any time. Unlike the mail-in ECU option, this means no downtime for your motorcycle while we do the flashing process. You can also go back to your stock mapping at any time you'd like and even read and clear engine faults. Additionally, some models will allow for DTC reading / clearing and maintenance light resets.

  • Yes, the end result is the same. Your motorcycle will now be flashed with our custom mapping, BUT with the BT Moto handheld tuner you're able to change maps for different fuels or go back to stock at anytime (along with many more features).

  • We recommend that you listen to your manufacturer's break-in procedures and do not flash until your motorcycle is fully "broken in". In the case with BMW this means waiting the 600 miles with limited RPM. We cannot circumvent the manufacturer's procedure. We are not able to remove factory enabled rev-limiters set in place at the dealer level and foregoing the first service will always result in warranty denial at the dealer level.

  • DO NOT FLASH YOUR MOTORCYCLE FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THE WEEKEND. Should an unforeseen error occur, no one will be able to help you until the following Monday. If it's your first time flashing with the handheld, please do it during the week while our technical support staff can help you if issues arise. Please do not start threads on Facebook or forums, please wait for our technical support to arrive back into the office and handle your situation.

  • Easy, you purchase the handheld, we ship it to you. Use the BT Moto handheld tuner to copy your motorcycles stock file (motorcycle will still run fine after this) then email that to

    BT Moto. We will then create a file from your stock mapping and email it back to you so you can upload it to the handheld. Once uploaded you'll be able to flash your motorcycle with the

    BT Moto handheld tuner.

  • No, this is not necessary. Assuming your motorcycle is running stock oxygen sensors the BT Moto flash will not need to be dyno calibrated.  If you're a person that needs to squeeze out every last bit of power (most will not need this), you can either bring the motorcycle to us for custom tuning with our flash or one of our partners, found on the partner's page of our website. If you're already running a Power Commander or some other piggyback fuel module that eliminates the stock oxygen sensors, you'll then need custom tuning on the fuel controller side.

  • Yes, you can go back to your stock mapping at any time you'd like and even read and clear engine faults and some models you can reset throttle and also maintenance lights.

  • This will depend on how fast you decide to ship to us and what you paid for shipping back. Shipping aside, once we receive your ECU expect us to have it back on the way to you within two business days.

  • If you have an aftermarket piggyback controller of any kind, you will be 100% responsible for your own setup and fuel adjustments after ECU mapping is installed to your motorcycle. Diagnostics and support is not available for third party, piggyback controllers.

  • Contact your dealer FIRST. This is the fastest way to get support. If your dealer has questions, they will contact us directly.

  • We ship UPS from Massachusetts. It is more expensive for international orders, but the product always arrives

  • ​Unfortunately due to each country and even some locations in the same country charging varying tariffs, we cannot tell you specific duties owed. We do ship most diagnostic tools with a $200 USD invoice, making the tax rate you are paying for on around $200 USD. ECU's are sent back with a "warranty return" invoice with them and a low value.

    • East Coast - 1 to 3 days
    • Midwest - 2 to 4 days
    • West Coast - 4 to 5 days

  • This depends on location. Most US orders will be around $30 USD or under for shipping standard sized items. International orders will be $120 USD and under for standard sized items. We are constantly working with UPS to get better rates and lower the pricing to many of our most popular international locations. As always you can consult with your local BT Moto dealer in regards to inventory to potentially help lower the shipping rate. Ordering in bulk can help better minimize shipping costs as well.

  • The BT Motohand held tuner stores multiple maps that you can change at any time. Unlike the mail-in ECU option, this means no downtime for your motorcycle while we do the flashing process. You can also go back to your stock mapping at any time you'd like and even read and clear engine faults. The mail-in is one map and you cannot change it unless you mail the ECU back in to BT Moto. Additionally, if the dealer were to ever issue an ECU update, with the handheld updates can be provided remotely while with a mail-in, you'd have to mail the ECU back in to get your old software back.

  • No you cannot. Due to issues with customers selling locked devices, improperly reset devices, broken devices and more, we no longer offer transfer of handheld devices outside of the original owner. If the original owner purchase another motorcycle and can provide proof of ownership, the device can be transferred to their new motorcycle, you would only have to pay for remapping.

  • No you cannot. The device is designed to be used on one VIN number. Once that one VIN number has been used it cannot be used on any other motorcycle. If you have 2 bikes in your garage and want to tune them both, both will need their own device and tuning package.

  • Anytime you take your motorcycle to the dealer they will first plug it into their diagnostic system to check for any software updates or recalls. If they see a software update available for your motorcycle, they will automatically update it without consulting you. This is a normal process followed by most dealers. Because of this update, the software version of your ECU is now different than the handheld and will result in an error message when trying to load your old tuned file. This means the handheld won't work with your motorcycle and it has to be reset to work again. If you go to the dealer, make sure you let them know not to update your motorcycle's software if you're flashed. Always always always make sure to put the original stock file on the motorcycle through our handheld tool BEFORE bringing it to the dealer.

    If the stock file was not used the device will be locked up. If it is a Flasher+ tool a $125 reset fee will reset the device and then $100 to remap it back to it's previous flash level. If it is a PowerGate3+ device, a new device will have to be purchased as there are no resets available for that device.

  • When shipping is paid for on the website it means shipping from us to you.  This charge has no bearing on how you decide to ship your ECU to us. That is entirely up to you but we do recommend UPS exclusively as they have an amazing success rate of package delivery for us.

  • Go to "Work" -> "Writing" -> "Original" in the handheld and then it'll load the original factory stock file to your motorcycle

  • If you have reached out to your dealer and have received no response in (2) business days, email us directly for support.

  • No we cannot.

  • We are on the east coast of the United States and open Monday-Friday from 10AM-5PM. Please keep this in mind when emailing us. We recommend you don't do any flashing of your motorcycle on the weekend because we aren't in the office to help you with your issues, should any occur.  If you email early in the day, we should get back to you that day, if not, the next. Officially we stick to a 48 hour window on replies but typically we are much faster. If you haven't heard from us within 48 hours, please bump the email thread as maybe it was missed. If it's before 48 hours, do not call or email as it will delay the process. Expect a longer response time if you email us on Friday night as we won't be back in the office until the following Monday.

  • Email us the issue and await a response. Will will get to your email as soon as possible. We work from bottom of emails to top, so by bumping your thread multiple times, you will effectively put yourself at the bottom of the queue. Please keep in mind our shop hours when awaiting a reply.

  • This is the brain to your motorcycle. It is fragile and should be shipped as such. Keep in mind the shipping company may be drop, throw or accidentally kick your package. This means get a larger box than the ECU and fill it with soft packing that can absorb any impacts or damage the box may sustain. If you don't know how to do this take your ECU to a shipping outlet and ask them to package the ECU securely. DO NOT SHIP YOUR ECU IN A PADDED ENVELOPE!

  • Usually just the ECU but some will require more items. Make sure to read the product details at the top and bottom to get a full understanding of what's needed for your flash along with the product order form you will be sent. Example: A 2017 S1000RR ECU mail-in requires ECU, Key, Ignition and Gauge cluster while a 2017 K1600 ECU mail-in requires just the ECU. Again, it's vital to read ALL of our notes and instructions on each product and the product order form you receive and follow accordingly. In addition to the ECU and potential other items, you will also need a paid invoice and product order form in the box.


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