Diagnostic Tool RESET (For Diagnostic Tool Owners Only)


Diagnostic Tool RESET (For Diagnostic Tool Owners Only)






-You've put your bike back to the original file, gone to the dealer, they updated your motorcycle's ECU software and now your diagnostic tool won't work with the motorcycle.

-If you put your bike back to the stock flash using our diagnostic tool and find that there's an error (file incomaptible) putting the BT Moto custom mapping back on to your bike after a dealer visit.

Device reset FAQ and How-To

There are lots of questions regarding the device reset procedure and updates, it’s probably one of the most time consuming aspects of our day. This FAQ and how-to will hopefully help our customer base better understand the why and how in regards to dealer level updates which will save you the most money. The good news is, as the bikes get older, you will see less and less updates on them, once warranty is up you will basically never have an ECU update done as the dealer doesn’t want to do free work.

Q: Why do I need to have my bike remapped after a dealer update?

A: When we tune your motorcycle, it is tuned for the specific software version you are on at the time you read the ECU data and sent to BT. So if we tuned it on software version 1, your stock file saved in your handheld is software version 1, the tuned file in your handheld is modified around software version 1. If the bike gets updated at the dealer level to software version 2, the checks and balances system is not aligned and you will receive an error message stating File Incompatible with any file change in the handheld. Basically the handhelds safety systems sensed that the data saved in the handheld and what is actually on the motorcycle, no longer align.

Q: Great, my tuned file is gone! What will I do?! Do I have to buy a whole new handheld?!

A: This is an easy and painless process to get the bike tuned again, but will cost you some money depending on if our dealer visit instructions were followed properly or not. All handheld resets are handled remotely with our staff via email and an online ordering system. This is not an over the phone process. Your existing handheld will still work after we reset it with our staff.

Q: OK, so I have to pay you to update the map, but what will it cost me?

A: The cost will vary depending on how we need to reset the device. Hopefully you followed our instruction sheet and put the stock file on before the dealer visit. If you did, our remap fee as of 4-24-2023 is $200. If the stock file was not put on the bike and the dealer has updated the ECU, we will need to relicense the device with Dimsport (handheld manufacturer) which is an additional $200 as of 4-24-2023.

Q: Why we charge a remap fee?

A: A remap fee is charged to cover our tuners time to remake the file from scratch for the new updated ECU version.

Q: I don’t understand the relicense fee, can you help me understand?

A: Sure, the relicense fee is an added fee to “relicense” your device with Dimsport. Basically at some point the data in the bike and the data on the handheld were unaligned, this is especially common in late model BMW’s as the dealer network has seemingly endless updates. Essentially software versions were changed in the bike which makes the handheld no longer able to go to original (stock) or a modified file. You will end up getting a file incompatible error when trying to change the map.

Q: OK, I paid the fee(s), how do we get my tuned file back on the bike?

A: Our support staff will reach out shortly after purchase M-F during business hours via e-mail with instructions on how to reset the device. Once the reset is complete you will treat the handheld like a new unit just like you did the first time.

Q: But I didn’t take my bike in for any updates, why would the software be updated?

A: We hear this on a weekly basis and unfortunately it is all too common. The bike goes in for routine maintenance, tire changes, headlight replacement, basic warranty work, etc. and the ECU ends up getting updated. The service writer or technician doesn’t tell the motorcycle owner and the motorcycle owner continues on none the wiser. Many customers only find out the ECU was updated when they try to bring the bike in for a “big” service or recall and try to use the handheld to go back to stock. When doing this it gives them file incompatible error message. Basically at this point, the motorcycle is already stock, so bring the bike to the dealer, have them do their thing and then you can order the remap fee and relicense fee on our website.

Q: What happens if I don’t put the stock tune on before the dealer?

A: If the dealer does not update the ECU, then nothing. The tuned file is still present and the bike is good to go. If they do update the ECU, you will see a file incompatible message when trying to change maps in the handheld. You will need to order the remap and relicense fees on our website.

Q: I tried to put the stock tune on my bike and now it says File Incompatible?

A: Yes the bike has been updated at some point at the dealer level. The data in the bike no longer matches the data that is saved in the handheld.

Q: I put my bike back to original before the dealer and then tried to put the tuned file on my bike once I got it back, now it says File Incompatible?

A: The dealer has updated the ECU version in the motorcycle and you will need to order the remap on our website.

Q: How do I avoid unnecessary charges?

A: Before any dealer visit be sure to put the original file back into the motorcycle via work - writing - original. If the dealer does not update the bike, you can go right back to the tuned file. If the dealer did update the ECU you will order our remap fee on the website.

Q: I’m unsure if the dealer updated my ECU or not, how can I tell?

A: Easiest way to tell is to try to change the map in the bike. If the handheld gives you a File Incompatible error message, you know the ECU has been updated.

Q: Can I cause damage to the ECU by trying to change the map of an updated bike?

A: No, due to the checks and balances system in the handheld, it will not allow you to write in mismatched ECU versions.

Q: Can I tell the dealer not to update it?

A: Yes you can try, mod friendly dealers may listen to your request, but most will be forced/paid by the dealer to perform updates so it is their best interest to update the ECU, even if you ask otherwise. Additionally some recalls require an update to go along with a physical parts change.

Q: I went for a tire change and headlight no way it got updated!

A: We hear this every week. The bike went to the dealer for some completely unrelated repair and the ECU ended up getting updated. In most of these cases the customer didn’t even know it had been updated until they went for a larger service weeks or months later and try to go back to “stock” and receive file incompatible in the handheld.

Q: After a dealer update is the whole tune gone?

A: Yes the entire tune is gone and needs to be recreated from scratch for the new ECU version.

Q: How often will the dealer have updates?

A: Depending on the bike, some will have monthly updates available or even more frequently in some cases. If the bike is serviced at the dealer level once a year, this is not a huge deal. But for customers who service at the dealer exclusively or ride a lot with many oil changes, you could see multiple updates per year.

Q: Can an independent shop update the ECU?

A: Yes and no. Most independent dealers will not have the OEM level tools that the dealer has or that we have. So while some can update the ECU version, it is very rare that they’d even have the tools necessary to do this.

Q: Will erasing the service light wipe the tune?

A: No, erasing the service light by itself will not wipe the tune.

Q: Will resetting adaptations wipe the tune?

A: No, resetting adaptations by themselves will not wipe the tune.

Q: Can the dealer backdate the ECU after an update?

A: No, the dealer cannot backdate your ECU to your old version after it has been updated.

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5 reviews

BMW dealer ruined my tune BT Moto to the rescue

Took my 2020 BMW K1600 in for service and the updated the programming for the shock and ruined my tune. Contacted BT Moto had an answer within 2 hours. They are probably the MOST responsive and professional company I've ever had the pleasure to deal with.
04 July 2024 Wayne Stover

Reset Process

My Ducati Streetfighter V2 went back to the dealer with a quickshifter issue and they updated the ECU while sorting the problem. Luckily, I re-installed the original map before taking the bike in. The reset process was quick and easy. I think the new map was sent to me within 1 working day. It was installed easily & the bike runs great.
03 July 2024 Darren ATTWOOD


Super and fast handling from BT-moto from the moment I recognized that my S1000R was updated on service - til I could reinstall my Stage II tune. Cudos…
23 May 2024 Ørnulf Berthinussen

Excellent Product

Before I took my bike back to the dealership I reinstalled my stock tune. I knew I had installed my stock tune because it went back to taking 3-4 times to get to run at a cold start and then it went to high idle. It didn’t matter how cold it was when I had the BT Moto tune installed, it would fire up instantly and sit there and idle. When I tried to return it to the previous BT tune it said “error “. So I emailed them and the next day I had my handheld device cleared and another tune sent to me and was on the road again. Money well spent!
06 May 2024 Allan Richardson

Excellent Response

I needed the reset service after the bike had been to the dealer and they updated the bikes software. Contacted BT Moto and the response I got was first class. They replied to both my order and my emails the same day, sometimes within the hour. The whole device reset, reading the bike and writing the new BT Moto tune to the bike was a breeze. Thanks BT Moto from a happy UK customer.
09 April 2024 Kevin Shaw