(20-24) BMW S1000RR / R / XR / M1000RR E85 Tuning Upgrade



WHAT IS E85 Tuning?

E85 is the ability to fill your 2020+ BMW M1000RR / S1000RR/R/XR, and even the R 1250, with either pump gas (91/93 octane or E85). With the ability to blend ethanol 30% in either direction, you can have the ability to run fuel from varying stations without worrying about the content you are pumping. You can run E0 (zero ethanol) to E30 (30% ethanol) on your pump map and E50 to E85 on your ethanol map and the bike will adjust for each accordingly.


  • E85 makes more power than pump gas but less than VP fuel with the main benefits being easily accessible, cleaner running and less messy/needy than VP, all while being available at many local fuel stations.
  • It’s cheap! VP costs about $160 USD for 5 gallons, E85 is about $3 USD per gallon (depending on your location).
  • E85 will not foul your spark plugs like a leaded race fuel does after long term usage.
  • E85 will not harm your catalytic converter or O2 sensors like a leaded race fuel will after long-term usage.


Our Stage 2 performance upgrades utilize the factory wideband sensors to adjust fuel trims. FTCL (full-time closed loop) means your motorcycle already has a fuel map that it will use when you’re riding AND has a lambda target it’s constantly adjusting to hit. When you change fuels from pump gas to E85, the bike will require more fuel (about 30% more with E85). Our FTCL calibration will see the bike needs more fuel and adjust to hit a safe target. The M1000RR / S1000RR already does this from the factory but only for a small percent of time during cruising (not WOT) and only for pump gas. We adjust the software to make sure the closed loop system is on at all times and specifically adjust for Ethanol under certain conditions and variables.


Because E85 requires FTCL. Before purchase you’ll need to have our Stage 2 mapping. No hardware is required! Just a software update. We have rigorously tested this mapping since mid-2019 on our own shop bikes and hundreds of customer bikes as of writing this Feb 2024. This mapping has been successfully tested in 210+MPH drag racing, roll racing, casual riding, and on circuit track racing...and the owners love it. We have nothing but great things to say about this mapping and all of our beta testers strongly agree.

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  • E85 isn't available everywhere. If you're not sure if you have E85 locally, CHECK THIS WEBSITE.
  • E85 burns 30% more fuel than pump gas. Keep this in mind when going for a ride as your gas mileage will be 30% less than pump gas.
  • Cold starts in 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder may be harder for the engine to turn over (not harmful and once started and warm it is fine).
  • Common sense, but we recommend you do not let E85 sit in your tank with no use for long periods, (more than one month) as the fuel doesn’t last as long as regular pump gas. Alcohol based fuels, like leaded fuels, can dry rubber and seals and stick injectors tips if left sitting for months on end with no use, do not let a bike sit with ethanol or race gas in it for a period of time.
  • Only fill your tank with E85 or pump gas when the gas light comes on. Mixing half and half will provide lower performance or ridability issues.
  • Make sure your local E85 gas station has good ethanol content (some stations have lower quality E85). Ethanol can vary (between 50-85%). We recommend you test yours before purchase. TEST KIT.
  • Lower ethanol content in your E85 means less performance.
  • After switching fuels we recommend you gently ride your bike for about 10 minutes while your motorcycle adjusts to new fuel.
  • Keep in mind if using our Flex Fuel mapping and happen to fill with a full tank of normal pump gas, there may be a very rich fuel mixture, if you use pump gas that has very low or zero ethanol content.
  • Mapping is designed to work for 30-40% swings in ethanol. Our standard pump file will work on 91/93/VP and ethanol blends to E30, our ethanol map will work on ethanol blends from E50 to E85.
  • Make sure your software updates and caliper recall has been done BEFORE this upgrade, as every file requires time to make and get 100% right from customer to customer.
  • Specific pump gas mapping will be needed for just pump gas. Specific E85 mapping will be needed for E85. If you swap fuels frequently you will need to have 2 separate maps for which fuel is being ran.

Dyno Testing

Dyno Testing

2020 S1000RR

RED = 205whp / 88wtq (93 octane pump gas, full bolt-ons, Stage 2 mapping)

BLUE = 208whp / 90wtq (E30 MIXED E85 pump gas 30%, full bolt-ons, Stage 2 mapping)

GREEN 213whp / 92wtq (Straight E85 pump gas 100%, full bolt-ons, Stage 2 mapping). You can see the E85 dyno making fuel from the mid-range all the way to the limiter over pump gas.


2021 M1000RR


Red = Baseline with 93 Pump Gas - 191whp / 85wtq

Blue = 93 Pump Gas - 199whp / 87wtq

Green = E85 Pump Fuel - 208whp / 90wtq

Keep in mind this is a FACTORY STOCK M1000RR. NO MODS other than the flash have been added to this bike. With the usual bolt-ons this number will go up and up. With a completely stock bike and factory exhaust we made 208whp with E85 pump gas. That's almost 20whp and 5wtq over stock with nothing but a flash.

**Pump gas testing performed with optimal dyno conditions utilizing 93 octane pump, E30 mixed ethanol, and E85 ethanol gas. Usage of a lower octane will yield lower overall power.**

**Expect similar % of gains in XR and R platforms as they share basically the same engine as the RR with less overall power**



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3 reviews


Adds a little more sauce running the e85 over the normal stage 2 on on pump gas. By motos communication is second to none! Had a question on a Sunday and got a response within 10 min which was completely unexpected. Will definitely buy more products from y’all in the future!
15 March 2024 Ronald Gross

A must add-on for 91 octane bikes

My bike feels night and day on the add on E85 map, because we just have poor acn91 available at the pump there in Arizona. These high compression bikes love it, the part throttle and midrange response is drastically changed at the track. If you have access to e85 and less then say 93 octane, i would go for it
10 April 2023 R. Saleh


Originally purchased stage 1, tuner, air filter, and IAT, in 2020. Absolutely wonderful. Thought I would upgrade with the stage 2 and E85 tune. Had some issues, my fault, but they walked me through it. Fabulous costumer service, and by far the best tunes for my 2020 BMW S1000RR
31 March 2023 Duane S