(2005-2024) BMW Motorcycle GS-911 Wi-Fi Diagnostic Tool (OBD II or 10-Pin)


(2005-2024) BMW Motorcycle GS-911 Wi-Fi Diagnostic Tool (OBD II or 10-Pin)


Reset adaptations, read and clear codes, reset service reminders and more!

SKU: GS911


GS-911 W/ Wi-Fi. Enthusiast version:Use the GS-911 to read and clear Diagnostic Fault Codes, show ECU Information, reset Service Reminders, perform Component Function Tests and even Re-calibrate Idle Actuation!

Allows you to reset adaptations, read and clear codes, reset service reminders and more!

Works with 9 different bikes, split the cost with your friends! A must have for the 2015+ RR!

ACCESS YOUR BIKE OVER WiFi OR USB!GS-911wifi, designed by HEX Code, is the new generation diagnostic tool for BMW motorcycles. The Enthusiast version is limited to 10 different VINs for service functionality but can be upgraded online to Professional once the limit is reached.

It is compatible with the latest Generation of K001 chassis BMW motorcycles (K1600GT/GTL, R1200GS LC, R1200GS Adv LC, R1200RT-LC, C-Evolution, 2015+ R1200R, R1200RS, S1000R, S1000RR/all years and the S1000XR. This product is also backward compatible and supports ALL the previous models of BMW motorcycles that have the round 10pin diagnostic connector!

If you have an older model that is fuel injected with a flat diagnostic plug, you will need our Hexcode 3-Pin Diagnostic Tool, sold separately.

The GS-911 wifi also works on the Husqvarna Nuda 900, Nuda 900R, TR650 Strada & TR650 TerraThis product has support for USB & WiFi connectivity and is compatible with the GS-911 Windows™ PC software. It also provides Emergency functionality and Cloud-based service functionality for mobile devices (typically iPhone, iPad and Android devices) using a web interface.

This package includes one GS911-wifi diagnostic interface (USB & WiFi support), 1 USB (type-b) cable, a Quick-Start guide, 1-year free updates for the Windows-based GS-911 software (Windows XP to Windows 10). Note: there is no CD or software in the package, you will download the latest GS-911 software (Windows Mobile) from the manufacturers downloads page.

MAC USERS: The full program is available on the HEXcode Cloud, via your web browser and a wifi router with internet connection. To run the PC software without using a web interface, you will need to install Parallels or Apple's BootcampContains:

  • 1x GS-911wifi diagnostic interface (USB and WiFi support)
  • 1x USB (type-B) cable
  • Quick-start guide
  • 1x Protective zipper case
  • One year free updates for the GS-911 Windows™ PC software

(Please note: there is no CD or software in the package - you will download the latest GS-911 software from our downloads page)

This GS911 comes with the standard car style OBD2 connector that modern BMW motorcycles (2017+ come with, if you need this for an older bike, add the 10 pin round connector option).

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  • BMW S1000XR (17-19)
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  • BMW R nine T (14-20, ALL MODELS)
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  • BMW M1000RR (23-24)
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  • BMW R NINE T / R 12 (21-24, ALL MODELS)
  • BMW K1600 (22-24)
  • BMW K1600 (12-21)


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2 reviews

Great tool to have!

The hardest part is the initial start up of all the software but once thru the process, it's walk in the park from there.
23 February 2024 Omar Afify


I cant stress this enough, this tool makes life so much easier as a bmw owner, i don't need the dealership for anything. I write this because i know most come in here and fret at the price. But once you use it its the best money spent. The stealership is a rip!
11 April 2023 brian ghoulston