(20-24) BMW S1000RR/R/XR / M1000RR/R BT Moto Billet Racing Oil Pan

$899.00 $999.00

(20-24) BMW S1000RR/R/XR / M1000RR/R BT Moto Billet Racing Oil Pan

$899.00 $999.00

The First Billet Oil Pan For the K67 / K66 Platforms

BT Moto Parts.


First to the market after years of requests and thoroughly tested on our shop 2023 BMW S1000RR, this aerospace grade, aluminum oil pan is the perfect replacement for your stock oil pan, with no compromises! This is a perfect replacement for lowered bikes, or track riders looking for a more robust option than stock while not compromising to a flat design for drag only.

One of the main issues when lowering your 2020+ S1000RR/M1000RR is the height of the stock oil pan and the material it's made of. We've had dozens of customers bottom out their stock pan and put a hole in it or spin off the drain plug causing catastrophic failure. Not only is this potentially bad for the engine by running low on oil, it could be bad for the rider if oil gets on the tire and causes a wreck. 

In addition to these issues, there is the issue of cost and parts availability. The stock oil pan is never in stock, expensive, and when damaged and the total cost to replace the unit with peripheral accessories is in excess of $750 before any other damage to tire etc. It is frequently out of stock as well with long lead times. With our billet oil pan it can take the abuse you put it through without the risk of damage to your motorcycle or yourself. 


  • Same oil capacity as stock pan while being effective against damages from getting air/post wheelie come down
  • Designed to be shorter than stock and tucks into the exhaust for a sleek look while not losing factory design.
  • Machined from Aerospace grade aluminum (Billet 6061)
  • Our proprietary design is much stronger than the stock pan and can take the abuse you throw at it without oiling issues.
  • 1/8" NPT bung for oil temp sensor (Plug included, customer will need to provide their own temp sensor if they wish to use one)
  • Safety wire drain plug holes for track riders
  • Milled to tolerances within 2 thousandths of an inch
  • Stock oil drain plug fits or optional BT Moto magnetic drain plug
  • 5 axis CNC milled on industry leading German machines (Grob G350)

Stock VS BT Moto Pan


This oil pan does not come with any peripheral accessories. You will need new TTY (torque to yield) oil pan bolts, BMW RTV gasket, an oil change kit and trimming of your OEM oil pickup tube will be required. A cutting template for your pickup tube will be included in your order. An NPT Bung or oil temp sensor will be needed to fill the NPT Bung hole. The below part numbers can be ordered from your local BMW dealer or varying locations online.


Liquid gasket (1): 07580397777

Oil pan bolts (14): 11147724485

Drain plug crush washer (1): 07119963252


2020-2024 S1000RR

2021-2024 M1000RR

2023-2024 M1000R

2021-2024 S1000R

2020-2024 S1000XR

2023-2024 M1000XR



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5 lbs
15x15x15 in

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1 reviews

Best Oil pan EVERR

This oil pan is by far one of the best improvements you can do to your s1k if your worried about potholes or if your lowering your bike, not only does it sit higher up than the OEM one, but you can tell it can take a hit!! constructed way better than the poor excuse of a oil pan that BMW has shipped out in these s1ks from factory, trust me when i say you'll be amazed at the difference in quality I sure was needless to say it was money well spent knowing my oil pan is protected and away from harms way!!! Thanks BT Moto
09 May 2024 Kenneth Martinez