23-24 BMW S1000RR BT Moto Aerodynamic Wing Delete Kit


23-24 BMW S1000RR BT Moto Aerodynamic Wing Delete Kit


For Track Riders or Those Who Love Aesthetics

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Let's face it, the wings on the S1000RR are a gorgeous addition to the bike, but they aren't for everyone. While circuit racers enjoy the added downforce, along with the new 46 tooth rear sprocket adopted from the M1000RR making the bike is a potent track weapon, straight line racers want to be as aerodynamic as possible. While amazing at the track, roll racers and drag racers like to reduce any weight that may slow down the bike, including downforce. 

At high track speeds over 170mph, the wings are actually a detriment to the bikes acceleration in a straight line. In low speed racers they are worth 2-3mph and higher speed racing with sprocket changes in our testing up to 5mph.  6th gear essentially becomes useless. Because the 23-24 S1000RR was designed for a circuit track and is gear limited to 188mph (stock on GPS), the pros of the wings outweigh the cons. When geared for 180+MPH, deleting the wings is a necessity and the difference between winning and losing races. This is why we developed the much needed winglet delete kit for the S1000RR when people weren't able to top out 6th gear unlike their 2020 model. 

While most racers just remove the wings, they'll also notice the empty spot where the wing used to reside isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing. Our billet aluminum wings give the bike a more pleasing look while also smoothing the bare surface of the fairing to cut through the air better at high speeds, while also reducing the overall weight from deleting the heavy wings. We have made them easy to remove and replace for street / race use.


A lot of riders love the M1000RR look of wings on the S1000RR. For those that aren't racers but also don't like the look of the wings, this kit is also for you! Sleek and refined, the wings add a minimal appearance while also contrasting the factory colors with a black machined look that matches the shape of the fairing wing mounts. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!


  • Reduces downforce / weight on the front end by 25lbs at speed
  • In top end pulls for drag or roll racers gain up to 5mph
  • Minimalist look for those looking to delete their wings
  • Plug and play, billet aluminum with no trimming or customization needed
  • COMPLETE KIT. Comes with everything needed to block-off wings on both fairings (four block-offs included, two for each side to delete both wings)
  • Go back to stock anytime!


Install time: 30 minutes - 1 hour


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1 lbs
10x10x10 in

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