(15-19) BMW S1000RR BT Moto M Race Velocity Stack

$254.15 $299.00

(15-19) BMW S1000RR BT Moto M Race Velocity Stack

$254.15 $299.00

A small mod that makes big power!

SKU: BTM-STAK-K46-1519



**Custom fueling adjustments with a fuel controller (like power commander, etc) are REQUIRED to receive advertised gains with this product**

Finally after a year of in-house research and development, a proper velocity stack for the 2010-2019 BMW S1000RR.  While an extremely popular modification with Japanese bikes, BMW bikes always missed the mark with their adjustable factory geometry, and intricate airbox from the factory.

As some may notice BMW has changed the airbox several times over the past decade and offered a racing airbox for their HP4 Race series and WBSK bikes. Some of these changes were introduced for more midrange, top-end, race use and so on. After studying the differences of all these units, before and after data, and dyno data logging, we were able to create a scalable solution for race use with the factory airbox.We studied the current market and tested other 3rd party velocity stacks and found flaws that needed addressing. What we found was the current market offerings are pretty disappointing. They appear to be made without any sort of testing or consideration for long-term durability.  These 3rd party stacks utilize the OEM rubber grommets and tend to collapse under extreme RPM's and high airflow. Due to this we avoided this rubber gasket design.  The 3rd party stacks were also designed too wide and rubbed/hit the adjustable stacks connecting arm for the servo motor and locked the adjustable stack at a “neither open nor closed” function. As a result some 3rd party stacks actually lost horsepower over the stock configuration.  The other 3rd party stacks appeared to lose power and did not alter the air/fuel ratio at all. This is a telltale sign that it did not change airflow. Our in-house dyno confirmed our suspicions as these stacks did not make more power than the stock configuration.

Our M Race Velocity stacks for the BMW S1000RR give that extra midrange and top end that could be the difference between first and second place when stacked up to an equally modded S1000RR.  This is a must have for full bolt-on bikes or race bikes looking for maximum HP. The shorter tuned stack gives the bike a unique and more aggressive induction sound and helps keep breathing easy at higher RPM's. For this product to work as intended your motorcycle will require custom tuning. It's roughly 7% at 12,000 RPM, interpolated to 18% more fuel at the RPM limiter as a baseline. The product will work with a stock motorcycles, flashed or unflashed, a piggyback fuel tuned bike, etc. 

DO NOT buy this product without AFR (air/fuel ratio) verification or custom tuning.  Power gains are determined by proper AFR, so do your due diligence and not a "set and forget" it. Ideally for or those who are flashed and do their own fuel tweaking.

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10-19 Stacks Group


INSTALL TIME: 1-1.5 hours

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Dyno Testing

BLUE = Stock Velocity Stacks, full bolt-on, VP100 fuel - 206whp / 94wtq full bolt-on 2017 BMW S1000RR

RED = BT Moto Velocity Stacks, full bolt-on, VP100 fuel - 209whp / 93wtq full bolt-on 2017 BMW S1000RR

You can see from the dyno chart below the peak gains are minimal but that's not the whole story. See the BT Moto stack power curve, there's a significant amount of powerband where the stacks make more power, most notably the top end. The velocity stacks also smooth out the known power dip around 11,500 RPM. Peak torque is reduced by 1 but overall makes more torque over most of the RPM range.



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