2019+ BMW S1000XR/R/RR And M1000RR/R (K66/K67) Intake Flapper Kit





As many of our customers know, our IAT (Intake Air Temperature) Kit for the 10-19 BMW S1000RR has been extremely popular and shows noticeable gains on the street and even dyno.  This IAT strategy was first used by Dinan (BMW) in the 1990's.  However, the 2020 S1000RR included some serious changes and required a new strategy for this project.

New for 2020 is our Intake Flapper Removal Kit.  The 2020 S1000RR now has flappers in the intake tract, these flappers only allow a small amount of air to pass through to the engine until 6000 RPM when the flappers finally open.  When the flaps aren't open it allows for stagnant, hot air to raise IAT readings and block air flow to the engine.  Hot air and low airflow equals less power.  This is why we developed our IAT kit years ago.  The flapper removal is just an add-on progression to the new model.  From scratch we developed block off plates and a whole new IAT relocation kit (which you can find Here) as the harness has changed from the 10-19 models.  All parts fit very snug and are made from billet aluminum for weight consideration and longevity.

The new airbox "flapper" design was made to reduce engine noise at low RPM's.  Instead of the previous foam restrictor that we saw in the 17-19 models, the 2020 S1000RR almost completely closes off the airbox in certain scenarios.  This lack of airflow leads to very high intake temperatures.  The ECU's strategy is designed around this "heat soak".  Timing retard is based on a "per gear" and "per RPM" strategy and will not taper off until higher gears due to the airflow and RPM needed to open the flappers.  This is vastly different than previous years and more similar to the BMW GS1200’s (which also benefited greatly from this kind of modification).  The first half of the throttle angles (0-50% throttle, commanded) and first three gears are heavily timing retarded on the stock calibration.  This is due to hot and stagnant air that sits in the airbox while the flappers stay closed.  The design of the OEM flapper servo creates an unnecessary bottleneck of airflow inside the airbox at higher speeds.  This distributes air to the inner most cylinders, negating performance and the maximum "ram air" effect the factory airbox can provide.

Our kits have been installed and successfully tested with positive reviews on the street and track!  The bike doesn’t feel as lazy from a dead stop anymore.  The induction noise is superb after the installation/removal and compliments the essence of what a S1000RR should sound like; a true race bike.  The IAT Kit allows for consistent power at all RPMs and gears instead of waiting for higher gears to get additional, rated power.  During our testing on the dyno and per gear / per RPM datalogging, we found many delays in the factory ignition to combat the heat soak the factory airbox flappers create.  With our flapper removal and relocated IAT sensor, the bike reacted sharp from a dead stop and in lower gears / speeds (pre-6000 RPM cruising) without knock detection.


  • Removes factory airbox flappers to allow fresh air to enter the airbox at any speed, RPM or gear.
  • A true ambient reading means more power but also means consistent power.
  • Even distribution of air to all cylinders without any cylinder bias.
  • More air to the engine with plastic flappers removed.
  • No downside and dyno proven gains across the powerband.


  • (1) Flapper Servo Block-Off
  • (3) Billet Aluminum Plugs For The Airbox (Two Small and One Large)


  • 2020-2023 BMW S1000RR (2019 EU Spec)
  • 2021-2023 BMW M1000RR
  • 2023 BMW BMW M1000R
  • 2019-2023 BMW S1000XR
  • 2021-2023 BMW S1000R


Total install time: 1 - 1.5 hours


Dyno Testing


Resources Downloads


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  • BMW S1000XR (20-24)


IAT Kit Install Instructions


2 lbs
10x10x10 in

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3 reviews

Diy heaven!

Great craftsmanship, easy install!
14 February 2024 Omar Afify

Flapper delete

Excellent product, fits perfect and includes all the necessary plugs,also a very detailed video to help install.
12 February 2024 Daniel Gaither

Worth the hassle

It's a good bit of work just to get where it goes but it makes the intake sounds much better sounding. Recommend taping up the now empty plug and zip tying it to something out of the way so you don't panic thinking you forgot to reconnect something.
16 March 2023 Cory Noel