(20-24) BMW S1000XR Stage 2 ECU Flash Upgrade


(20-24) BMW S1000XR Stage 2 ECU Flash Upgrade


Making your XR the beast it should have always been!



Following the release of our popular Stage 1 Flash we needed to sit down and really start to look at what the 2020+ XR truly has to offer.  Anyone with our Stage 1 Flash will tell you how much it improved acceleration, fixed the OEM idle issues, and made the motorcycle feel better and more smooth overall.  Stage 2 has months of research and development behind it as well as datalogging and dyno testing.  The revised 2020+ S1000XR is familiar to us but also completely changed.  To that end we were able define new ECU strategies that we can help make this already impressive bike even more impressive.   Stage 2 is a feature map making the bike more consistent, more reliable, and smoother.  Combined with our IAT Relocation and intake flapper delete kit results in a much improved motorcycle!



Includes all benefits of Stage 1, with these added features:

  • Automatic octane adjustments 
  • Corrected cold/warm start idle
  • Re-calibrated for maximum ignition timing
  • Lower max lambda, leaner high RPM Target
  • Higher RPM limit without throttle cut for track racers
  • Flaps opened 100%
  • 30% faster up and downshifts
  • Can utilize our optional IAT extension kit and intake flapper removal kit


  • Octane adjustments for auto adaptation on pump gas for US and international fuels 91-94 octane 95-100 RON. Utilizing the multiple ignition maps and factory widebands, we are able to increase performance based on knock detection. This also means if you have some bad fuel, the motorcycle will still compensate and put the bike into safety mapping just like the OEM ECU would. This ensures your bike stays consistent and reliable.
  • Corrected cold/warm start idle for finer tuning beyond Stage 1. Stage 1 did a lot to correct the startup issues the 2020+ S1000XR was having. Stage 2 goes a step further. There is no longer a high idle that transitions into a lower idle. The idle remains static without any lean popping, idle hunting or stalling.
  • Re-calibrated timing for higher octanes to make use of race fuels on same tune. The 2020+ S1000XR has multiple ignition maps and based on knock feedback, the bike will start to adjust to different timing maps. This means if you have a high octane fuel in the bike or race fuel and knock isn’t present, the bike will transition to a more aggressive timing map automatically. A more aggressive timing map will safely allow the bike to make more power. No more flashing every time you want to use race gas although we can still provide specific race fuel mapping designed to be used on ONLY race gas. This feature is most beneficial when you are on the track or street and don’t have your handheld available to swap maps.
  • Lower max lambda, leaner high RPM Target for a few more horsepower. AFR (air/fuel ratio) adjustments have been made to Stage 2 to be more aggressive to get a little more power out of the bike while remaining safe.
  • Higher RPM limit without throttle cut for track racers (optional) With Stage 2 we are able to raise the RPM limiter to 12,500 RPM while also making sure the raised RPM event is not stored in the ECU. We have also adjusted the spark and fuel cuts so when the rev limit is hit, the bike doesn’t feel like you slammed on the brakes, it’s more gentle now and allows riding at the limit manageable.
  • 30% faster up and downshifts over Stage 1 and now allows the use of fast shift sensor products on the market if desired.


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IAT Relocation kit

Flapper removal kit

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Dyno Testing


You can see that while Stage 1 has a large gain over stock, our Stage 2 has a greater gain.  Peak gained 4whp over Stage 1 but the mid and low-range of the RPM band gained huge.  This is where you'll be riding your motorcycle, mostly, and this is where the largest gain is.


BLUE LINE = BT Moto STAGE 1 (159WHP / 82WTQ)


**Testing performed with 93 octane pump gas. Usage of a lower octane will yield lower overall power.**


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Device Reset FAQ and How-To PDF
BT Moto Handheld Instructions
BT Moto Flasher+ Troubleshooting Guide


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4 reviews


Had the BT Moto Stage 1 tune installed on my S1000XR, great upgrade, especially if you're going to change to an aftermarket header. Added their stage 2 tune recently and, while the absolute HP/torque improvements aren't that big from stage 1, the "seat of pants" feel between the stage 1 and 2 tunes, at least for the S1000, are significant. I wasn't expecting much further improvement; I was wrong, it was immediately noticeable; it pulls even harder! Easy to install, rocket fast turn around once you upload you file (<2 hours for me, both for stage 1 and then stage 2). No "weirdness" in the bike after the tune. Had the stage 1 tune for about 6K miles now and not a single hiccup. Took me about 1 hr for the stage 1 tune (I'd never done it before so I spent a lot of time making sure I was following the steps in order). About 20 minutes for the stage 2. Simple, fast, effective, and, for the power gained, reasonably priced. A header will cost you more and do less to change the feel of your bike.
17 July 2023 Michael Fink

Amazing Results

I've had BT Moto tune a few of my bikes now, most recently a 2022 BMW 1000xr. I did stage 1+ as well as Velocity stacks, flapper delete, air filter, and then stage #2. I don't even know where to start. I thought the bike ran pretty well from the factory but you just don't know what you are missing until you have gone full BT Moto. Stage 1+ was a huge difference, with a much better throttle response throughout the entire RPM range. The bike just felt like it should have been from the factory. I'm not one to leave well enough alone and I'm glad I didn't in this case. I went ahead with the Velocity Stacks admittedly a "little" intimidated by the installation but I went for it. It wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined in my head. The team at BT Moto was on hand to answer any of my questions and I shot a couple of emails off prematurely. (Thanks for your patience with me BT Team) Flapper delete was a walk-in-the-park, stacks were installed, and then the stage 2 software. The difference again was amazing, it shifts so quickly and nicely now and the throttle response is so much more manageable now. The auto shift is not only quicker but so much smoother now not at all clunky like it was. You would think stage 2 would be hyperactive and just take more energy to ride the bike and manage the power but the opposite is true. Since the fueling and air are all dialed in now the bike's manners are vastly improved, with no flat spots, just smooth as butter, and when you ask for it the power rolls on smoothly and hard. But if you want to ride it in a relaxed fashion it is so much easier to do that now. I don’t even think about clutch work now. Such a wonderful feeling, the bike behaves now just like you would expect a $20k+ bike to behave. I can't stop smiling and I can't wait to see what is next from the BT Team. Lastly, let me add that I do not know anyone at BT, they did not ask me to do a review this is just well-earned/deserved. Thank you to the whole team at BT Moto, I am once again a very Happy Customer!
24 May 2023 Damon King

Lets go!

What a difference! don't pauze on this upgrade. This is not paid advertisement but I am beyond elated with the power and driveability increase here. I pass all the big boy liter sportbikes on my big cruiser XR at Chuckwalla! They laughed then, they cry now.
10 April 2023 Jimmy Oakes

the best

2020 BMW S1000XR.. Stage 2 is the way to go. I can't believe the difference in performance. Now customer service is above and beyond. After a stock map/software update at the dealership (bmw stalling issues, needs new bmw mapping) I am now up and running with a retune from Brentuning within 24 hrs. Had to reset the handheld, read file, send file, get file and redo tune. All within a day. They are simply fantastic, no issues with their mapping, bike is now a proper sport/tourer..
31 March 2023 Eric Murer