(21-24) BMW M1000RR BT Moto 1"-1.5" Lowering Link K66

$199.00 $299.00

(21-24) BMW M1000RR BT Moto 1"-1.5" Lowering Link K66

$199.00 $299.00


Introducing our 2021-2024 BMW M1000RR lowering link! Our primary goal was to make a kit that was the best on the market and we think we did that, with no compromise! This is the only link on the market designed around safety first, using the most expensive and highest grade 7075-T6 billet, aerospace grade aluminum, and exact measurements we were able to make a lightweight, yet extremely strong OEM quality product that you can depend on. This product will lower your M1000RR from 7/8 - 1.5 inches.


USE YOUR OEM BEARINGS! Don't be fooled by other companies claiming "OEM parts". Their needle bearings are not close to OEM in quality and durability. We recommend transferring your bearings to the new link. We recommend a basic bearing press kit that you can use at home (see install video below for details).

Adjustment sizing is based on stock wheel base bikes looking to maximize lowering their motorcycle. If stretched, adjustable sizing increases from stock wheelbase, depending on stretch.

If adjusting up to 1 inch link, you do not have to cut and it's plug and play! OEM+ fitment

Our 1" adjustment DOES NOT require a kick stand OR CUTTING. ANYTHING LOWER THAN 1" is recommended with modified kickstand.


  • Using the OEM cam system on the M1000RR, this link is adjustable from 7/8-1.5 inches (see install video for details).
  • SHORTER RIDERS that have issues with getting their feet on the ground at stock height will really appreciate this kit.
  • DRAG RACERS AND ROLL RACERS will enjoy lowering their center of gravity and reduce air from getting under the bike.
  • AESTHETICS improved with an aggressive look and stance (see end of install video for before and after look of bike).
  • MATERIAL used for this product is 7075-T6 high-grade and lightweight billet aluminum. Only one designed with this material in mind.
  • NO CUTTING or kick stands needed for 1" drops.


Usually with lowering people worry about upsetting balance or have a bike that feels lazy in a turn. We have developed a kit and process where the bike feels extremely balanced and can still take a turn. Our in-depth install video (see below) will break down the process for you and show you exactly how to achieve a perfect balance. Our kit doesn't make a stiffer ride. Your suspension will feel the same as stock, we are just making the bike a little lower.


We made this entire kit customizable. This means you can pick and choose what parts you want. We realize some will just want our link and provide the rest of the parts themselves. If you're roll racing or drag racing the bike you'll need to get the front strap kit and brackets. BE CAREFUL with strapping the front of the bike after lowering. It will make the oil pan very low. This increases the chances of it scraping on the ground. We recommend you only use this component if you're on a flat surface with no bumps. Otherwise we sell our low profile Billet Oil Pan Here


If lowering the bike for drag or roll racing, we recommend you soften the rear shock and stiffen the front. Have a professional do this if you don't know how. This will make the bike easier to race and make you faster. The front strap kit is helpful but NOT A MUST. We recommend only for drag or roll racing. 


3-4 hours install time


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